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Angel Tech "Polarity Ritual": Dreams and Reality

I read Angel Tech by Antero Alli over the past couple of weeks and he designed a "ritual" that I have been doing lately. In brief, Two circles are consecrated; one is designed as a performance space while the other is a "chill-out" area to gather energy and "cleanse" one's self between parts of the ritual. In the performance space, one finds a word/phrase and a kinetic activity that describes one aspect of a seeming polarity (Good/Evil, Light/Darkness, etc.), then one moves back to the chill-out area to regroup and then returns to perform the other side of the polarity, takes a break again and then combines the two polarities' movements and words in the space until it reaches a sort of natural conclusion . One concludes the ritual by drawing in more energy and then taking notes on the whole procedure.

The whole thing seemed more like a theatre warm-up exercise than a ritual to me at first (Which given Alli's theatrical background, makes a lot of sense), but I decided to give it a shot. What I have found is that this is a kinesthetic way of considering duality and rather than using a dualizing process to Think about them (Rational consciousness), one instead employs a more intuitive method of analyizing these apparent contradictory aspects of life and comes to some very interesting conclusions about them--one processes them AFTER experiencing them, rather than ruminating over them intermiably. It's been very productive work.

One polarity that I experimented with is dreams and reality. Something interesting occurred which I thought I would share. After the ritual I wrote the following:

'...All thoughts are dreams, as is Will itself and True Will is born of dream becoming reality. The quality of a lucid dream is the ability to metaprogram the dream--just like life when the Will metaprograms reality. Illusion is ignorance (ignore-ance) and control is not all it is cracked up to be.

The unexpected happens in reality and in dreams. So what is the difference? One interprets (when awake) and the other just responds (while dreaming). The Central Nervous System's ability to control what we perceive is the key. We feel more in control when we are awake; more safe. Yet we can't die in dreams--we wake up instead. So when are we more safe and in control?

Treat reality as a dream and wake up from the nightmare of history, to paraphrase Joyce. Spirit is dream and the faculty of dreaming--imagination, Will and Mind. Matter is the stuff of dreams and the stuff that dreams are made FROM. Become a dream-shaper and you will be a reality-maker--blur the line between the two and inherit the mantle of Will/imagination.'

This was my way of saying (in its scatter-shot manner) that thought and dream are the same and that they are connected to the concept of Will. Thoughts can be treated as dreams--passing fancies--or dreams can be treated as thoughts--serious business--depending on perspective. I prefer the more fun approach so I'd rather take the whole process of thought and dreaming less seriously. A part of Will is knowing which thoughts, fantasies and dreams to take seriously and which to consider irrelevant. Discernment is an aspect of Will.

I had never considered the matter this way before and thought it was a singular perspective. Then, I was reading excerpts from The Book of Lies the other day, and came across this:


Dreams are imperfections of sleep; even so is con-
sciousness the imperfection of waking.
Dreams are impurities in the circulation of the blood;
even so is consciousness a disorder of life.
Dreams are without proportion, without good
sense, without truth; so also is consciousness.
Awake from dream, the truth is known:(16) awake
from waking, the Truth is-The Unknown.

Leave it to Crowley to put it better than I can...

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