metaphorge23 (metaphorge23) wrote,

A New(er) Paradigm

I took a break from metaphysical matters in order to re-evaluate my approach to Magick and the Occult in general. In the intervening time I studied a lot about Science, Standard Philosophy/Metaphysics and a cybernetic approach to magick which was buried amid several of the books that I already had in my collection (Mainly Phil Hine and Dunn's "Post-Modern Magick" along with "Liber Null" by Carroll) and managed to crank out a children's Steampunk Novel.
As a result, I have come up with a paradigm that I am comfortable exploring--it won't be as "mystical" as some other people's paradigms and in fact it may sort of reduce magick to simple psychology and Ego Magick, but for right now this approach seems valid and logical to me and I will discuss it more in the coming days. I considered a name change for the page and posting a reminder about it, but I think that this site can serve the purposes that I hope to achieve without making a melodramatic statement and starting from scratch.

If I have to boil my approach down to a simple mission statement, then I guess that I would say that Magick is the most efficient, effective means of altering probability for the benefit of the collective. This is a less egotistic approach than I held previously and that I hope fits in with a understanding of personality and civilization that is more clearly perceived than I held in the past.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to posting here and I hope that many of you will find something interesting in what I write...
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